Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Who Would Win - Round 6

Sorry for the delay, we're finally getting back to the Who Would win contest. The end of last week was a bit busy for me, and then I got carried away with my painting projects and never got around to rolling out the final preliminary round for this contest.

This week we have Trollblood Kriel Warriors taking on the Gatorman Posse. Trollbloods are known for having some of the best melee units in the game. Usually this is in reference to the Trollkin champions or Fennblades, but even the humble kriel warrior can be a -tough- fight. They will be facing the Gatorman Posse, which is widely considered one of the best melee units in the game. they are certainly one of the most common minion units, up there with nyss hunters.

Enough set up, let's dive in

First turn roll-off

The Gators have the advantage here. Reach and +2" on a charge against living models gives them a +2 on the starting roll. in order to firm up their chances, the gators choose to use their prayer that grants pathfinder, giving them a total +3. the Trolls, unfortunately, don't have any abilities that will help their roll.

The Gators roll a 5, and win the roll-off without even having to see the Troll roll.

Turn 1

The Gatorman Posse gets the charge. they are outnumbered, but 2 attacks and reach means that each one will possibly be able to kill 2 of the trollbloods.

The gators roll well, only missing with 2 of their attacks (not that it's hard to hit a troll). P+S 13 easily kills every troll hit, but 2 of them make their tough rolls. that's 6 trolls down already!

The trolls swing back. the gators have a high armor of 16, which goes up to an 18 in combat. the kriel warriors only have a P+S 10 hit, so they will need to gang up on the gators if they have any hope of doing damage. they split into a 3-man and a 2-man CMA.

Both CMAs hit (Gators aren't any harder to hit than the trolls were...), but do minimal damage. one gator takes 2 boxes of damage, and another takes 4.

Turn 2

The Gators shrug off the minimal damage taken and keep on coming. they choose to use their ability to get re-rolls on attack rolls, making it almost impossible for them to miss the trolls this turn.

Every attack hits. Two of the troll grunts make their tough rolls, only to be killed by the second attack from their opponent. the Unit attachment goes down to a single hit from the squad leader, and the banner makes his tough roll.

at the end of the Gators' turn, all of the trolls with any kind of weapon are dead. The banner bearer surrenders. A gator eats him anyways

Victory to the Blindwater Congregation!

Another short and sweet battle. the trolls were badly outmatched in this fight. even if they had gotten the first turn, it would have probably been a very uphill battle. The gators are sure to give many units a run for their money. next they will face the Legion blighted swordsmen. maybe the shifty elves will give them more trouble than the trolls did!

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