Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Top Ten - Highlights from Clash for a Cure

Clash for the Cure was a blast! Four of us from Austin (me, my wife and two of our friends from our local club) made the trek up to Waco last weekend for the last big event of the year (for those of us too poor or too strapped for vacation time to make it out to Warmachine Weekend this year). We weren't the only ones from Austin up there, but the showing from our club was definitely less than it has been in other years.

I ended up playing in a ton of games. it was a whole lot of fun, and unlike my back-to-back L&L/Wargamescon adventure this one didn't leave me totally burned out on playing the game. Between the 4 events I played in, I ended with a total 12-2 record. Not bad for the caliber of opponents in the pool this year! While it's tempting to write up some battle reports for the games I played, I don't think it's going to happen this time. I have zero pictures from the event, and don't have all the details in my mind on some of my games. there were also a few games that would make for some pretty boring/short battle reports.

So, I decided instead I would go for a top 10. My top 10 favorite moments from Clash for a Cure.