Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Road To Adepticon - And 'Ere We Go!

Adepticon kicks off tomorrow night. I am finally finished painting, basing and packing my models, my lists are printed and triple-checked, and everything is in the car ready to go. tonight we will be on our way to Chicago for the biggest tournament I have ever played in. I've never been to Adepticon before, so I am super pumped about it.

On top of that, I actually managed to get everything finished. There were a few spots in there where it looked like I would run out of time, and I was worried that a squad or two would have to make do with little to no detailing just to get a legal fully-painted army on the table. Somehow I managed to build, convert, paint and base an entire 1850 point army in 3 months. Sweet! and on top of that, I painted up the last 15 or so models I needed for gladiator, should I lose on Friday.

with that said, I wanted to post some pictures of my army I took last night as a finished project. I am also putting up my finalized list for the championship tournament. Enjoy

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Harlequins: A Harlequin Troupe

Harlequins generally travel and live together in groups known as harlequin masques. these masques are very similar to our current-day gypsy camps, where member live and work together as they travel from place to place performing their arts. Harlequins form these tight-knit troupes and travel freely between Eldar communities to perform their ritual dances.

On the battlefield, a harlequin Troupe refers to the basic fighting unit, which consists of a harlequin avatar and his/her entourage. A Troupe is often accompanied by various support elements, such as scouts, heavy weapons teams, etc. All of these support elements and Troupes are part of the Masque and always work together during performances and day-to-day life, but they are not always involved in battles. a single Troupe of harlequins is often more than enough to handle an entire enemy force.

In this article, we will be looking at the Troupe as a battlefield unit. We will examine the roles of the Troupers on the field and in their art, as well as looking at the models used to represent this cornerstone of a Harlequin force.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Hobby - Basing My Army, Part 2

in my first hobby article , I talked about making a decision to use resin lava bases for my Harlequin army. As I started moving my models from their plastic bases to the new resin bases, I realized it was going to be a lot more complicated than I had originally intended. You see, resin doesn't bond with plastic glue like your standard GW bases, and even superglue has a lot of trouble getting a good bond with the stuff. superglue works ok for steady models (though even the one steady model I used superglue on fell off without much force...), but for leaping harlequin models (especially the metal ones) superglue didn't even come close to being an ideal solution.

After discovering that, I made my first attempt at drilling and pinning models. I know a lot of people pin and drill every metal model they use, but I have never given it a try. If you already pin your stuff regularly, this article probably isn't for you. This is more for people like me who had never tried to pin my models and couldn't find a good guide to working with pins and resin. If that interests you, read on!

Warning: this tutorial is fairly pic-heavy...

Friday, March 25, 2011

Hobby - Basing My Army, Part 1

I don't know about you, but I hate basing models. I really do. Some guys seem to be able to flock and base models perfectly for very little effort, displaying their dudemens on amazing snow-covered bases or some other bases that make the whole army look a cut above the rest. it's always disappointing to see a wonderfully crafted and painted army sitting on white-primed bases. they just look so... unfinished.

I have attempted flocking my bases in the past, but I have never been happy with the results. even following some great tutorials online, my guys don't end up looking anything like those awesome bases that our local guys show up with. granted, the "local group" I'm talking about here is the BOLS crew... But that's beside the point.

The point is, while going through the trouble of making a new Harlequin army, I decided that this time I wanted an army that looked great from head to toe. that along with all of the converting, green-stuffing, and fluff writing I was going to do, I needed to actually have some good bases to finish out my hobby project army. It isn't going to be hyper-competitive, so it darn well better be good-looking while getting destroyed by a bare-plastic IG gunline...

with that in mind, I decided to go a new route with my bases this time. Read on for more

Do your bases look like this?

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Weekend Tournament Results

This weekend was my second local tournament using my Harlequin force. it was an 1850 point tournament without any kind of restrictions/comp score. the list I brought was (using Codex:DE names for simplicity...):

Archon - drugs, huskblade, soultrap, shadowfield, blast pistol
Heamonculus1 - WWP, venom blade
Heamonculus2 - WWP, venom blade, crucible of malediction

7 incubi - klaivex with glaives
7 harlequins - shadowseer, master, 2 fusion pistols, kisses
4 trueborn - blasters

15 wyches - leader w/agonizer, 2 shardnets, haywires
15 wyches - leader w/agonizer/, 2 razorflails, haywires
10 wyches - leader w/agonizer/blast pistol, haywires

6 reavers - heat lances, cluster caltrops

Talos - CC weapon, chainflails, haywire blaster


Friday, March 4, 2011

Road To Adepticon

This year I will (finally!) be making the trip up to Chicago for Adepticon. This will be only my second GT, so I am pumped! When Adepticon signup opened, I registered within the first week. At the time my Harlequin army was still little more than an idea, and I only had a handful of assembled models. It seemed almost impossible to get all of that done before Adepticon, but I made it my goal anyways. A month out and suddenly things look much better! Assuming I don't run into huge problems finishing my army out, I should be able to field a fully painted, fully based, all Harlequin army! After the jump I will talk a bit about my progress and list

Introducing the Harlequins

The harlequins are a subset of the Eldar race. They share a common history, up until the Fall of the Eldar and the birth of Slaanesh. This article is the first of several that will explore the backstory of the Harlequins and the Eldar race. Though the Eldar are one of the major factions of the Warhammer universe, it seems that a lot of people don't know much about the history of the Eldar. We will begin by looking at the history of the Eldar race and the events that led up to the "creation" of the Harlequin faction in Eldar society.