Friday, March 4, 2011

Road To Adepticon

This year I will (finally!) be making the trip up to Chicago for Adepticon. This will be only my second GT, so I am pumped! When Adepticon signup opened, I registered within the first week. At the time my Harlequin army was still little more than an idea, and I only had a handful of assembled models. It seemed almost impossible to get all of that done before Adepticon, but I made it my goal anyways. A month out and suddenly things look much better! Assuming I don't run into huge problems finishing my army out, I should be able to field a fully painted, fully based, all Harlequin army! After the jump I will talk a bit about my progress and list

I have been painting non-stop for the last 2 months, getting this army ready for Adepticon. I don't think I have ever gotten an entire army purchased, built and painted so quickly before. There have been a few times when I slowed down a bit and almost got behind schedule, but right now I am pretty confident that I can get everything done before Adepticon. At the moment, I have 10 models, 3 objective markers and 2 webway portals left to paint (all assembled and primed now, just need paint). I also have about 30 or so models that need to be based, and a squad of 15 that needs detailing. it will be a busy month of painting, but I think I'm up to it!

The following is the list I will be using for the 40K championships. I am not expecting to place high, this is a fairly light list that is based more on the theme I wanted rather than being as killy as possible. it's no pushover, so far I have a winning record with it, but it's not my meanest list. If I walk away from adepticon with 4 losses I'm still going to have a good time. if after Adepticon I find a picture of my army online with a good comment or two, that will be enough to keep me very happy. Here is the list:

 Solitaire - (Archon with huskblade/soul trap, shadowfield, drugs, blast pistol)
High Warlock Comidus - (Haemonculus with WWP, venom blade, crucible)
High Warlock Tragidus - (Haemonculus with WWP, venom blade)

6 mimes and master mime (Incubi with Klaivex - demiklaive)
7 harlequins (harlequins with kisses, 2 fusion pistols, shadowseer)
4 Death Jesters (Trueborn with blasters)
             Venom Transport (Venom with extra cannon)

10 Initiates w/ Harlequin leader (wyches with character w/ blaster, haywire grenades)
15 initiates (razorflails, leader w/agonizer/blast pistol, haywires)
15 initiates (shardnets, leader w/agonizer/blast pistol, haywires)

6 Harlequin jetbikes (Reavers with heat lances, cluster caltrops)

Marionette/wraithlord (Cronos parasite with vortex and siphon) 

I have played this list (or a close variation of it) several times and have been happy with it for the most part. it's a fun list that tends to throw people off a little if they are used to playing against heavy mech armies. it has its weaknesses, but for the most part it is a good list. I begin the game with only the venom and harlequins on the table, with the shadowseers( Haemonculi if you want to be technical), and everything else is able to come in near midfield from reserves. it can throw off players who haven't faced it before, and makes life really hard for gunlines. 

So far I have done pretty well, I have won almost all of the test games I have played with it so far. Tourney play is another story though. I played it in one tournament last month and lost or tied all 3 of my games. Another local tournament is tomorrow, and I will try again. I will hopefully post up some small battle reports and thoughts on this list's performance after those games.

Soon I will start posting some articles about each of the units in the army, including pictures of what I did with conversions and painting. right now my camera died and my cell phone takes terrible pictures. According to USPS tracking though, my new phone should be in today, and if it is I will start having a lot more pictures of my models to post on here.

For now, comments about the list are welcome. One thing I need to figure out is whether to replace the Parasite with a Talos. this weekend he will be a Talos, and we'll see how that goes. I have liked the free pain tokens from the Cronos, but when there aren't any squishy targets he doesn't help much. once he is in combat he is terrible. So I will try out a Talos for some extra CC hitting power and the haywire blaster to stop a tank almost every turn. not destroy a tank every turn, but he will likely do damage/disable a tank every turn.

That's all for now, stay tuned for pictures and battle reports!

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