Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Looking Ahead: Despoiler

I don't know if I'm just not looking in the right places or what, but I have not seen a whole lot of hype or discussion on Despoiler. I myself have not looked at him a whole lot since his rules were released, mostly because there were just so many things to look at in that book, and all of them came out way before Despoiler. There wasn't much urgency to test him when we didn't even have a sculpt for him yet, just the art in the book and one pencil sketch from PP online.

We still don't have a release date for him, but he has finally been spotted! like the Incindiarii last year, one of the PP staffers snuck in a painted Despoiler into Warmachine Weekend where some pictures were snapped of him. the complete thread I am stealing this from can be found here

Monday, November 4, 2013

Journeyman League Upcoming

Starting this week my local club is going to be starting a new Journeyman league. I think we've had one at some point in the past, but I'm pretty sure i missed some or all of it. In any case, I am actually really looking forward to playing in it this time around. I think the concept of the Journeyman league is really good. we have done slow-grow leagues for just about every game I know of at our local store, and they're a great way to get people playing. having a standard ruleset for slow grow leagues makes things so much better.

Our league is going to be starting this Wednesday and going for 6 weeks. I'm hoping that this time i will be able to come every week during the course of the league. Not that I am really planning on trying to win the league, but it would be nice to get the max participation points. I don't have the time or motivation at this point in the year to try hard enough to get the points to win either in games or painting, and certainly not for overall. I can only focus on so many things at once, and right now I'm on a video game kick (Assassin's Creed: Black Flag is awesome, BTW) which always limits my painting time.