Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Dark Secrets Cave Terrain

This week is week 2 of the Dark Secrets league at our FLGS. The leagues this year have been a ton of fun so far. the alliances and season models have been really interesting on the whole (except when you can't find the right ally to play with...), and the patches this year look really sweet on a battlefoam bag. This month, the only badge that is difficult to get is the Hobby badge. To get the hobby badge, you have to create and paint a piece of cave-themed terrain. I have honsetly never made terrain before. I have some bits and pieces in my closet that I have been wanting to use, but just haven't gotten around to it.

This challenge got me to finally go and create some terrain. I really like how it turned out, and want to share how I made it with others, since it was super quick and easy, and perfect for people like me who don't want to spend a lot of time on making terrain just for a patch.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Mammoth Spoilers!

UPDATE: Now that the Mammoth is more completely spoiled, some of the information below is incorrect. The post below was based on stats that were spoiled incompletely, and includes some guesses made by me and others in the Skorne community. Now that the full spoilers are out I am seeing a ton of hits to this page (somehow my page is in the top 5 on google for "skorne mammoth"), and getting comments about how the stats are incomplete. 

Here are the currently spoiled stats:

SPD:4 STR:15 MAT:6 RAT:3 DEF:?? ARM:20 FURY:5
2 P+S 19 fists, 1 P+S 18 Tusks, crit pitch
gun is Pow 15, RoF 3, AOE 4
Animus is Counterblast (see gun boar)
Bulldoze and Assault

That's the meat of the rumor. The stats should be out in the NQ later this month, at which point I'm sure no one will be coming here for their stats. I appologize for the out-dated stats, I really had no idea people would still be running into this page so long after I posted it originally! 

In Privateer's latest video update, the studio design team talks about the upcoming Gargantuans book. There are a number of spoilers (some have already been spoiled, but other than some concept art from lock and load, this is the first official leak for the new book). Most of the gargantuans themselves have already been spoiled to some degree. The cards for the mountain king and wold wrath have been out for a little while, and are available in War Room, so no surprises there. We already knew that the Archangel would have ride by attacks and consume, so there was very little new info there. The big one was the Mammoth preview!
A mammoth plowing through everblight lines