Thursday, January 31, 2013

Mammoth Batreps, Part 1 - pMakeda

I finally picked up a copy of the new No Quarter magazine at our game store last night. Of course, as soon as I did I got the update to warroom as well. in any case, I now have the stats for the Mammoth in a fully usable format, and it's time for some play-testing!

My goal is to run the Mammoth with every one of our casters between now and the end of March when the Mammoth is released. I'll be posting battle reports here, focused on the performance of the Mammoth. Last night I got my first Mammoth test game in. Of course, if I'm going to play every caster, might as well play them in alphabetical order. First up is Archdomina Makeda (or pMakeda if you're not familiar with our titles!)

Game 1 was against my usual Cryx opponent, but this time he was trying out his new Gator army with Rask.
my list:
* Mammoth
* Gladiator
* Krea
Master Tormentor
Max Nihilators
min paingivers

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Road to Adepticon 2013

For the last couple of years, Adepticon has been one of my favorite events of the year. in 2011, it was my first con out of the state. That Adepticon was actually what inspired me to create a blog. I built and painted an 1850 point Harlequin army between January 1st and Adepticon in mid-April. Somehow I got it all done and showed my progress on this blog. Of course, in the end that Adepticon also marked the end of my 40K days when they handed out free battleboxes to every con attendee. 2 months later I had my first 15 point Skorne army.

Last year, Adepticon was my first large event for Warmachine. Before that I had played in maybe 3 local steamrollers and one release event. I got to meet (and get stomped by) some of the bigger names in the national meta, like Jake Van Meter, Hollywood and Kieth. Once again, the fully painted rules at Adepticon forced me to paint frantically for a month or two before the event, getting multiple 50 point lists completed and my hardcore army fully based with my first green-stuff sculpting (very basic, but still a first).

Unfortunately, this year I will not be able to attend Adepticon. Schedules just didn't work out this year. As much as I love Adepticon, I think that might actually turn out to be a good thing. I was planning on hitting 2 out of state events this year (plus as many Texas events as possible), and one of those was going to be Adepticon. Not going frees me up to go to some more Warmachine-centric events. This year, the plan is to hit Lock and Load in May and Warmachine Weekend in November. So instead of going to a mainly 40K convention, I'm going to have a chance to see both of the "main" events for Warmachine in the country.

Of course, this also means that my "con season" doesn't start until the end of May. Once May hits, things will pick up quickly, with Lock and Load and Wargamescon on back-to-back weekends. Then the assortment of Texas mini-cons starts up with events like Coal and Claw, the Alamo, Clash for the Cure, and any other events that come up this year. So what am I doing in the meantime?

Monday, January 14, 2013

Those Last 2 Points

Skorne is a bit spoiled for choices when it comes to cheap solos. Once you've filled out your battlegroup with our awesome beasts, and brought along your screening infantry unit and paingivers, what choices do you take to fill out your roster? Between in-faction models and various minions, Skorne has plenty of options for filling those last 1-6 points.

This article is going to focus on the wealth of 2 point solos we can take. There are of course other options for filling lists, like taking another unit of paingivers, or bringing 3 point solos. there are really too many options to cover in one article. In my opinion, the 2 point solos are where most of my decisions are made. I'm going to roughly list the models in order from the most used to the least used, based on lists I see people posting on the Privateer forums