Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Introducing: The Mockingbird

A Harlequin Razorwing er, I mean Mockingbird!
As my harlequin army has grown, and as I have gained some experience playing them, I have found that they have been lacking in one crucial area. long range firepower. most of my army not only excels at close combat, but relies on it to keep from being shot to pieces. unfortunately the longest range anti-tank shots I have are only 18" blasters.

In order to be slightly more competitive, I needed to find a way to get some long-range fire into my list. unfortunately, I have basically exhausted the set of units that have a nice one-to-one relationship with a model or unit from the old harlequin army.

After looking through some old fan codexes I found at some point along my quest to create a harlequin army, I found a unit that could at least provide some inspiration. One fan codex introduced the Mockingbird, a vyper/venom with a vibrocannon strapped to the back of it. So how could I get this concept into my current list? read on to find out

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Harlequins: Death Jesters

The Death Jester is one of the more unique members of a harlequin troupe. In my opinion, they are also the coolest models in the range. I've always loved the death jesters, even just looking at pictures of ancient harlequin armies from back in the day. No harlequin army was complete without at least a few of these guys.

It makes me a little sad that no one uses them anymore. Not that I blame you all. taking a spare shuriken cannon isn't that impressive, and paying points for it in a dedicated close combat unit is just stupid. so now one of the coolest eldar models made by GW never even saw the tabletop.

So when making a new harlequin army, I knew death jesters had to go in! In this article, we'll take a look at the Death Jester. we'll look at the fluff, the models, and the rules for the death jester.