Monday, November 4, 2013

Journeyman League Upcoming

Starting this week my local club is going to be starting a new Journeyman league. I think we've had one at some point in the past, but I'm pretty sure i missed some or all of it. In any case, I am actually really looking forward to playing in it this time around. I think the concept of the Journeyman league is really good. we have done slow-grow leagues for just about every game I know of at our local store, and they're a great way to get people playing. having a standard ruleset for slow grow leagues makes things so much better.

Our league is going to be starting this Wednesday and going for 6 weeks. I'm hoping that this time i will be able to come every week during the course of the league. Not that I am really planning on trying to win the league, but it would be nice to get the max participation points. I don't have the time or motivation at this point in the year to try hard enough to get the points to win either in games or painting, and certainly not for overall. I can only focus on so many things at once, and right now I'm on a video game kick (Assassin's Creed: Black Flag is awesome, BTW) which always limits my painting time.

Originally I was planning on running Retribution for this league. I haven't pulled out my Ret much this year, mostly just because it was a HUGE year for Skorne and I was having too much fun testing and then playing all of my new shiny toys. Ret is a faction i am not very comfortable with yet, and want to put some more work into soon. For this league, however, my wife wants to try out Ret, so she'll be playing that set and I'll be sticking to my Skorne.

We had a big discussion on our local forum about possibly modifying the rules of the journeyman to allow "custom" battleboxes, using 12 points of mangled metal/ tooth and claw with no character beasts/jacks allowed. in the end it was decided that because of the large number of brand new players joining the league, and a general fear of good casters at the battlebox level that we would only allow the standard or official alternate battleboxes.

Unfortunately for my wife (and the other Ret players), that means playing a whole lot of Kaelyssa with her motly crew of a battlebox. The Ossyan/Sphinx/Banshee alternate is probably much stronger, but we don't own 2 Vyre chassis right now, and likely won't buy one for this league. I've already seen one of our new players get trashed by another newbie in a practice battlebox game where the ret player became acutely aware of how badly the Ret battlebox matches vs Hordes...

Had we been able to build our own battleboxes, I was actually considering using my wife's circle army for some variety. unfortunately, I really don't relish the idea of playing pKaya with 2 Argus for the next 6 weeks... and we don't own the pieces for the Baldur alt box, even though that one would be a whole lot of fun. If we had the big rock dude I would be playing that box.

Instead, I am going to be sticking to my good old Skorne. I am not, however, going to run the pMorghoul box. I have plenty of games in with that box, and don't think i would get anythign out of playing it more. We also have at least one more Skorne player who will be running the standard box. Somehow we convinced our Cryx guy to play Skorne. So I will instead be playing the alternate Skorne box.

For those who don't know what the alt box looks like, it's Xerxis with a Canonneer, Drake and Krea. it's goofy, wierd and not nearly as strong as Morghoul's crew. but that's ok, I'm not starting a new faction so I should at least challenge myself a little bit. Xerxis is one of those casters that's supposed to be really good, but just isn't clicking for me. I have a lot of losses with the big guy. My playstyle with Skorne tends to be a bit faster than a Xerxis brick, and I always feel limited with him on the table. I'm hoping 6 weeks of Xerxis play will help me get over that hump to the point where I can use him well. The beast mix is interesting. I'm not crazy about the Cannoneer, especially not as the one heavy for the first few weeks. Krea and Drake are pretty sweet together, though, and will hopefully help the cannoneer not suck too badly.

For expanding into the later weeks, I'm thinking I'll just add paingivers and a feralgeist for week 2 (maybe gobbers instead, I don't know what to do with that last 1 point at this level). week 3 will let me bring the Gladiator that I wish i had for the first 2 weeks (that would be a strong box. and would leave me enough points for a willbreaker and paingivers on week 2). the other 2 points will probably be a willbreaker or an agonizer. to get to 35, I'll be dropping my one-point filler and bringing Cetrati. Might even drop the Gladiator for a Shaman and Marketh. still plenty of time to decide on that.

Since the games will be nice and small for a while, I'm planning on doing a bit of a log, with picture bat reps if possible, or at least descriptive battle reports. I'll also post pictures of anything I paint during the league, but I don't expect to have a whole ton of that done. you get a lot more bang for your buck for painting large based beasts, but all i have on my painting table are solos and units. we'll see how much i can get done. 

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