Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Who Would Win, Quarterfinal Round 3

This week we will try to finish up the quarterfinals. we've already had the first two rounds of quarterfinals, with searforge and blindwater advancing. Today we will be bringing in the Protectorate flameguard vs Retribution's Dawnguard Sentinals.

First Turn Roll

for once, no one has the advantage on the first turn. both sides have reach and no other bonuses. the first roll is a tie. the second roll... a tie. finally on the third roll, the flameguard get the first turn and the charge! No shieldwall for the flameguard this round, but it might not matter for long.

Turn 1

the flameguard have a numbers advantage with three extra fighting models (fighting models means not including the banner bearer). They will be using three two-man CMAs, and the rest will be one on one. the Sentinals pass their terror check for being charged by flameguard.

all three CMAs are successful, taking down 3 sentinels. the next two flameguard miss their attacks, one model kills a grunt, and one kills the banner. the last man hits the Unit Attachment, but fails to kill him. the UA does take 2 boxes of damage and is set on fire, however.

The sentinels pass a cmd check and continue on. the fire does not go out on the sentinel UA and kills him. I wasn't sure on the timing on this one, so I went ahead and gave the two remaining Sentinels their vengeance moves. one of them killed a flameguard. during their normal activation, both sentinels connected and killed flameguard.

Turn 2

The flameguard still have most of a unit left. they split into two four-man CMAs against the two last Sentinels.

mat 10 pow 14 attacks easily cut through the last two models, as no snake-eyes get rolled.

Victory for the Protectorate!

Another short battle today. as we get down to the last several matches, that first turn charge is even more important. it is hard to stand up to one of these good melee units when they get the jump on you... Sentinels are a great unit, but without support or a charge they die as easily as the next unit.

Join us later this week for the last Quarterfinal round - Skorne vs Circle Orboros!

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