Monday, February 13, 2012

Crack the WIP 2/13/12

I finally got some more work done this week on the Hobby side of the game. I'll need tor amp it up a bit if I'm going to have everything painted in time for Adepticon... I can't believe how soon that is coming up.

anyways, this week I finished up my Extoller Soulward and built a few new models. not a very inspired week for gaming, but it's something.

here are a couple of pictures of the soulward

overall, I'm pretty happy with how she turned out. since this model ends up in almost all of my lists, I wanted to get her painted (finally). nothing real special, but it's nice to finally play this one without having it primed black on the table.

This week was also exciting for me because I got some new Domination models in the mail!

eHexeris and an Archidon! eHexy has been out for a while, but I never got my hands on the model. I tried ordering him through the FLGS, but they tend to be slow. I ordered him along with my Rhinodon and a Stalker for my wife. those came in 3 or 4 weeks ago, and no sign of Hexeriis. I went ahead and ordered him online along with the Archidon and the Gallows Grove for my wife. even with the delay of waiting for the release date for the order to ship, I still got Hexy before the local store got him in...

Sorry, mini-rant over. I wanted to show something I did with the Archidon for any newer players who are trying to figure out how to deal with the massive wingspan on the archidon. Really, those wings are really far out there... there is really no good way to store this guy in foam with the rest of my models.

So instead of just keeping him outside of the case, or getting a large chunk of foam just for him, I decided to make the wings detachable. It's pretty simple to do, and ends up holding together better than I expected it to.

On each wing, I used a pin vice to drill a hole all the way through the wing where it would attach to the body. then I drilled matching holes in the torso (use dabs of paint on the wing pins to match up the holes before drilling...). I then glued some small lengths of paper clip into the wing holes and made sure everything lined up. then I just glued/greenstuffed the pins into the wings. don't glue them to the torso or you'll defeat the whole purpose.

In the pictures above, the wings are being held in with nothing but the two pins on each side. the wings stay in place, and don't fall out even while moving the model or rotating it up to about 45 degrees to either side. for storage the wings come off easily (with just a little wiggling), as seen below:

Now all three pieces can easily fit into a standard piece of foam where you would fit any other heavy warbeast. I'll have to try it out when I finally get my battlefoam bag, but it looks like it should work well. I had been hoping the wings would be made from resin, but this still isn't bad. the wings are thin enough that they aren't really that heavy (nothing like the old metal Balrog wings for Lord of the Rings... those were a pain).

Hope that will be helpful for someone out there.

With Adepticon around the corner, I have finally started nailing down my lists for practice. here's what I have left to paint before April 20th:
*Molik Karn
*Aptimus Marketh
*Bloodrunner Master Tormentor
*Void Spirit
*Orin Midwinter
*4 Swordsmen
*4 Paingiver Beast Handlers

So that's 17 models in just over 9 weeks... some of course will be easier than others. Hopefully real life won't keep me too busy to get everything ready in time.

That's all for this time. Comments and questions are welcome as always

Look for this weeks rounds of Who Would Win starting tomorrow.

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  1. Thanks for the pictures of the Archidon, I had been curious how big that model would turn out. Looks awesome! Nice work on the Extoller Soulward and best of luck to you getting ready for Adepticon.