Friday, February 3, 2012

Who Would Win - Round 2

today we will be continuing the "Who would win" contest. today's match-up is the wolves of orboros facing off against a unit of farrow brigands. at first glance, it looks like the brigands are going to have a tough time in this one, unless they can get the first turn. a round of shooting before combat will really help them out. otherwise they will struggle against a decent melee unit. the wolves will have the advantage in the first turn roll-off, taking advantage of their pathfinder and reach.

And once again as a reminder, go and vote for the remaining factions! you can find the original thread here. even if a faction already has votes, you can still vote for them. if more than one player votes for the winning faction, I'll have a tiebreaker. there are also still several factions with no votes.

Let's get to today's match-up

starting roll

the brigands roll a 3 for the first turn. the wolves of orboros easily win the roll with a 5, not even needing their bonuses to take the first turn. the pigs will start with tough and fearless, hoping to survive a charge from the Wolves.

turn 1

the Wolves get a charge order and take advantage of their Powerful Charge rule, meaning they will only need 4s to hit the piggies. there are 11 wolves with weapons and 10 brigands, so one pig will be double-teamed. there are no CMa attacks in this round of combat.

the first brigand is double-teamed and is hit and wounded twice, but makes both tough checks. after all the attacks were made, only five pigs were dead. 4 were knocked down from tough, and 1 was missed.

the 5 remaining brigands stand up and fight back. they need 7s to hit and only 3 to kill. the pigs roll very well and take out 4 wolves of orboros. the brigands obviously choose to stay tough and fearless (and will do so for the rest of the combat)

turn 2
7 wolves remain to swing back at the brigands. they choose to use their power swell ability this turn to boost damage rolls. they will need 6s to hit without the powerful charge bonus, but still decide to use individual attacks to try to get past the pigs' tough rolls instead of helping their MAT. the wolves rolled high enough to hit and kill every one of the Brigands. 2 of them decided to stick around at least one more round and toughed it out.

the last 2 brigands stood up and swung back. the first brigand killed his target, the second one missed.

turn 3

that left 6 wolves to face 2 brigands. they decided to do 2 2-man CMAs and left one man on each pig to try to finish them off if they made their tough roll. the first CMA went off and wounded the brigand. he made his tough roll (again!) the single attack against him caused another wounding blow. and the brigand made his 4th tough roll in a row. the second pig also made his first tough check. the last wolf swung and wounded. the pig rolled.... 6

those are some tough pigs! the last 2 stand up to fight again. Again they kill one wolf of orboros.

turn 4

even though it didn't quite do the job last time, the wolves stick to the plan. 2 2-man CMAs, but this time only one spare wolf. he will be right between the pigs, and with reach is counted as being in melee with both of them, giving him a chance to finish off either one. the first pair connects once again, and this time the pig has had enough. he finally fails a tough check and is removed. the second CMA is just as successful, killing the last Farrow Brigand

Victory for the Wolves of Orboros!

as expected, without the round of shooting the brigands couldn't stand up to a dedicated melee unit. they didn't make it easy though! that's how it goes with Tough. sometimes you can't make one all game, and the next time you try you make 4 or 5 in a row.

next week we'll continue with the qualifier rounds. will the Wolves get a rematch with the Skorne Praetorians that beat them in the pre-season demo, or will they face the Sea Dog crew? there are still 10 factions left to play

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