Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Who would Win Quarterfinal double-header

Because of my slow posting last week, I decided to speed the process up a little bit. There are still two factions that haven't played yet, because of the first round byes. So I decided I would go ahead and do both of those rounds together. It ended up working out well, as both rounds ended pretty quickly...

So today we have a double-header. Khador vs Searforge followed by Blindwater vs Legion. These are the last factions to play, so after today the voting for the contest will be finished.

Quarterfinal round 1 - Khador vs Searforge

the doom reavers blew through their enemies in the preliminary round, and hope to do the same against the Dwarf Forge Guard. both units boast similar abilities, but the doom reavers do seem to be slightly ahead on stats. higher Def and P+S, along with Tough and berserk make the doom reavers a very mean enemy. the forge guard will be relying on higher armor and number of models. they also have a chance of using critical smite to knock a doom reaver back, keeping it out of the way for one turn if it toughs. it's a long shot, but it could happen.

First Turn roll-Off

the doom reavers have a 1 point advantage over the forge guard. both have reach, but the doom reavers have 2 more spd than the slow dwarves, giving them an advantage on the starting roll.

Khador rolls a 3, and the Mercs roll a 4. the roll is tied and they try again. this time Khador only rolls a 1, and the Forge Guard take the first turn with a 5. this could be very bad for the doom reavers

Turn 1

the forge guard charge, and easily pass their cmd check from abomination. they will need 7s to hit, but any hit will cause a tough roll when the forge guard are rolling 4 damage dice on the charge... more than enough to kill a shirtless maniac. the forge guard roll very well, hitting every one of the doom Reavers (some were doubled up on, 2 forge guard missed their attacks, but another model finished the job for them). only a single Doom Reaver was left after the first round of swings, and he was knocked down. the Greylord Escort also took a huge hit to the face and was wiped out. This would be the only tough check that doom reaver would get.

The last doom reaver stands up, engaged with 3 forge guard. he only needs 3s to hit and 6s to kill. he easily kills all three of his targets, but with no way of reaching more he is in trouble.

Turn 2

It takes 3 swings, but the third forge guard puts the doom Reaver in the ground.

Victory goes to Searforge

Quarterfinal round 2 - Blindwater vs Legion
Another untested unit fights against a unit that did very well in their last outing, not losing a single gator. this time they would be facing weapon masters with high defense, and that could make a ton of difference.

First turn roll

the gators have the advantage once again, with pathfinder and reach. Even with a +2, the first roll is a tie. the second roll goes as expected, with the gators rolling a 5 and getting first turn.

Turn 1

Before the gators get a chance to swing, the Champion takes a swing from his Defensive Strike ability, doing 4 damage to one of the gators.

the gators need 7s to hit, but have 2 attacks a piece. they roll well, killing everyone but a single grunt and the champion.

The two remaining swordsmen pass a cmd check and continue on, not phased by the rest of their unit dying horrible deaths. the grunt goes first, killing the wounded gator. with overtake and cleave, he moves and swings at another gator, and rolls triple sixes on damage, killing that one too! the champion wasn't goign to be put to shame by a lowly grunt, and swung a combo strike at a healthy gator. he easily killed it at dice - 3. his overtake and cleave attack didn't quite kill the next gator, leaving it on two boxes.
Turn 2

Even with an amazing first turn, the gators are in trouble, down to only two models left. the first one missed one attack against the grunt, but killed it with his bite attack. the second hit but left the champion with one box left after a terrible roll. he barely hit with a second attack and killed the champion.

Victory goes to Blindwater

these were both brutal rounds. it seems that the side that gets the first charge seems to usually pull out ahead. not that this is surprising, but so far it has been the trend. Khador managed to squeek out a win last time after being charged, but weren't so luck this time. once again, they probably would have wiped out the enemy if they had the charge.

The gators barely got their win this time. they have a nice combination of abilities that really helps get that first turn charge. but against weapon masters, sometimes even a charge won't help. with only 5 models, the gators feel every loss more than some factions. if they lose a charge roll against a weapon master unit, that will probably end them.

we will have the other 2 quarterfinal rounds next week, so stay tuned!

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