Monday, February 20, 2012

Crack the WIP 2/20 - Archidon!

Big hobby update this week! Adepticon is in 2 months, and that has given me a fresh surge of motivation to paint.

First model to get finished was the Archidon! This is very rare for me, not only did I get a model on release day, but I built and painted it before playing a single game with it. normally my models kind of sit around in line waiting to be painted. I don't know if other people do this, but a lot of times I paint a model that "deserves" to be painted. but this model looked so cool and got such a unanimous positive response in the online Skorne community that I couldn't resist painting him up.

Here are a few pictures:

painted archidon itching for battle

Here is a side shot, and a picture of the pinned wing removed. the only problem is going to be paint chipping off, but I'm hoping that a few layers of Matte finish will help minimize the number of touch-ups this thing will require.

profile shot

both wings can be easily removed for transport
Also painted a caster and a solo this week. these both went back to my normal habit of painting models once they prove themselves in battle.

Next up is Supreme Archdomina Makeda. I kept seeing posts online calling eMakeda our best caster, but it took actually playing her to prove it to myself. for some reason she didn't look all that impressive on paper to me. I preferred pMakeda for savagery juggling and def ward and an attrition list. a few games with eMakeda quickly changed my mind. she is a powerhouse. I didn't realize just how awesome her feat was, especially combined with Road to War and vengeance for my swordsmen. turn 2 has become my burn down turn.

Hopefully a little later on I'll get some battle reports with her or something. for now, here is the model:

possibly the most powerful woman in the Iron Kingdoms
I wanted her to stand out a little bit from my swordsmen. while she was unpainted, a few opponents had trouble figuring out which little model with two katanas was my caster. I hated the big totem pole for her back, and replaced it with her sword belt. I needed to make up for it with a different color scheme. I just reversed the normal colors, giving her a bone armor and green cloth. I love the results. the picture above doesn't do it justice. It's good for my painting skill, still gets put to shame by many of the painters in our area.

And finally, I painted up the Bloodrunner Master Tormentor. this crazy little solo has definitely earned her paint. It took me a while to try her, just because a lot of people online say she's not a good choice for our 2 point solo slots. I can't figure out why they say such things... this girl is amazing. she has a perfect combination of infantry-killing abilities - stealth, pathfinder, reach, thresher, anatomical precision and sprint. what's not to love? shield guard units beware!

master tormentor
That's all for now. next up I have the last 4 swordsmen to bring me up to a fully painted Max unit +UA. after that comes Molik Karn, which will finish off my eMakeda list for the Open Masters. Still lots to do, but I'm feeling good about my chances to have everything painted to an acceptable level in time.

In the next couple of weeks I will finish hashing out my lists and I'll post a bit on what I'm taking and why.

until next time

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