Friday, February 10, 2012

Who Would Win round 4

Another round of "who would win" today! this time, we have Skorne's praetorians facing off with Mr. Walls and the sea dog crew. The sea dogs have the unfortunate reputation of being one of the worst units in the game, but can actually be somewhat dangerous with all of their solo support. unfortunately for them, there aren't any solos to help them out today!

Starting roll
the sea dogs use Mr. Walls' mini feat to get pathfinder and +2 speed, giving them a +2 on the starting roll. Skorne rolls a 2, so the sea dogs get the charge!

Turn 1
 The Praetorians easily pass their terror check caused by Walls' feat. Each sea dog has 2 attacks, but a poor MAT. they will need 8s to hit. in a show of exceptionally poor rolling, only 4 sea dogs hit anything. all four killed swordsmen, but it wasn't a good showing for a charge turn.

The Swordsmen swing back, each with 2 attacks needing 7s to hit. they went ahead and popped the mini feat to guarantee kills with each hit. it wouldn't make much difference, but they have a mini feat so they used it. there were an even number of swordsmen and sea dogs, so they lined up one on one, with the UAs facing off. each swordsman managed to hit with one of his 2 attacks and killed their sea dog targets. the UA had -2MAT from the monkey on Mr. Walls' shoulder, but managed to connect with his second attack and killed Walls with one hit. the banner was the only one who didn't kill someone, as he has no weapon...

Turn 2

since the banner couldn't attack, there was still one sea dog remaining, the one carrying the rifle. he decided he wasn't going down without a fight and shot down one more Skorne swordsman.

the second attack from the praetorians hit, and ended the last sea dog

Skorne Wins!

this one was pretty one-sided. poor rolls from the sea dogs and this one was over before it got started. Sea dogs just don't do much without a bunch of solos stacking silly buffs on top of each other.

This one wasn't much of a challenge, but next time the praetorians will be facing a bigger challenge when they get a rematch with the wolves of orboros.

Before we get to that, we still have 2 more preliminary rounds to go through! next week we will kick it off with doom reavers and stormblades, followed by kriel warriors taking on the gatormen posse. there are still 6 factions that can recieve votes, so if you haven't voted yet go drop a comment in the original post!

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