Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Who Would Win - Round 5

Welcome back to another preliminary round of Who Would Win. This week we have the feared Khador Doom Reavers taking on Cygnars Stormblades. Doom Reavers are going to be scary in melee with their combination of tough, reach, weapon master, and berserk. The Storm Blades bring CMA and assault to the table, but will have to get first turn to have any use from assault.

The Doom Reavers seem to have the advantage to start with, we'll see if they can hold on to that advantage as the round progresses.

First Turn Roll

The Doom Reavers have reach for +1 to their starting roll. the stormblades have nothing that will affect this roll. the first roll is a tie. the second roll is a tie! finally on the third roll Cygnar rolls a natural 6 to Kahdor's 4. even with three tries, the Doom Reavers couldn't get the crucial first turn.

Turn 1

the stormblades get the assault order. this is one of the few units in the game where the Standard actually carries a weapon, so the stormblades will actually have 1 more model fighting in this combat. the Officer lines up with the Greylord Escort in the charge, as UAs are matched last.  the Stormblades easily pass their cmd check

the assault shooting does little with the Stormblades' low RAT score. they do manage to kill 1 Doom Reaver and knock another one down from Tough. On their charge attacks they do much better with their high MAT. only one Stormblade misses, and one doom Reaver makes his tough roll. That will be the last tough roll for the Doom Reavers, though, as the Greylord gets stuffed by the Officer. 

The Doom Reavers are down to only 2 models before they even have a chance to swing! the knocked down Doom Reaver will only be in combat with the model(s) he was engaged with when he fell, and the rest of the models are matched up again. It's not a perfect system but it was the best idea I had for dealing with knocked-down models. The Doom Reaver stands up and quickly dispatches the one stormblade he could get to. the other Doom Reaver starts swinging and plows through all but 2 of the stormblades (including the officer) before missing. the stormblades pass their cmd check.

Turn 2

the remaining Stormblades are evenly matched with the Doom Reavers. This may be their last chance. the first Stormblade kills his target, but the second one misses!

The remaining Doom Reaver has a chance to finish the game right here. he swings at the first Stormblade and kills him. He moves on to the second one and rolls... a 4. the stormblade breathes a sigh of relief

Turn 3

unfortunately, the dice are just rolling bad at this point. the last Stormblade swings and misses with double ones. the Doom Reaver doesn't miss twice in a row, and splatters the last Stormblade with his giant sword.

Victory for the Doom Reavers!

Doom Reavers are a rough fight for any army. even getting to use their assault order, the Stormblades just couldn't match up with the raw hitting power and multiple attacks from the Reavers. had the doom reavers charged, the game probably would have been much quicker.

actually, I just rolled it out, and the Doom Reavers would have killed every enemy model on the charge. There's a reason people fear Doom Reavers.... but will they be able to go all the way? next they fight the high-armor dwarves from the Searforge Commission. will numbers and armr be enough to overcome the awesome hitting power of the Reavers?

Before we get to that, we still have one more preliminary round this week (Trolls and Gators). then we'll jump into the Quarter Finals with Flameguard and Dawnguard going at it.

there are still a few armies that you can vote for. go vote in the main thread here

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