Monday, March 19, 2012

Who would win - warmachine championship

Sorry for the long delay in posting to the blog. I was out of town all of last week, and didn't have time to post anything while I was out. this week, I'm back in full swing, starting out today with the final round on the Warmachine side of the game. two Warmachine factions have beat every opponent that has come their way, fighting for the title of the best melee unit in Warmachine, and a chance to fight the Gatorman Posse for the title of the best melee unit in Warmahordes.

This time we have the Forgeguard from the Searforge comm. fighting the Flameguard of the Protectorate of Menoth. both units boast very good defensive stats. the Flameguard have set defense, shield wall and terror. the forge guard have a higher natural ARM stat and defensive line, giving them one more point of ARM, even on turns when they charge or run. on the offensive side, the Flameguard have cont. fire on all of their spear attacks, along with CMA and reach. the Forge guard have reach, weapon master, and crit smite.

Looking at this match-up, I would give the advantage to the dwarves. weapon master will be a huge help against the high armor of the Flameguard, while the Flameguard have fewer options for dealing with ARM 18 forge guard. the Flameguard definitely have a chance of pulling out a win, but my bets are on the Forgeguard.

Starting roll

the Flameguard get +1 to the roll for having a speed stat 2 points higher than the stubby little dwarves. unfortunately it didn't help them much when a 2 was rolled. the Forgeguard roll a 6 and get the charge.

the Flameguard will be starting in shieldwall, and have defensive line and terror. the dwarves easily pass the terror check and attack

Turn 1

the forge guard will need 8s to hit, due to set defense. even needing a high roll, they hit 5 flameguard. with the charge and weapon master, they had no trouble killing everything they hit.

the remaining Flameguard faced a tough choice. Should they CMA to try to kill a few forge guard, or just go for it and hope for high rolls and fire damage to work in their favor? in the end, I decided they should use individual attacks. with 2-man CMAs, they would kill at most 3 forge guard. at least with more attacks there was a chance of killing more, especially since they only needed to roll a 4 to hit and set the dwarves on fire.

all 6 of the remaining Flameguard hit, lighting their targets on fire. none of those blows did any direct damage, though, needing 9s to kill.

Turn 2

the dwarves got lucky, and 3 of the 6 fires went out. sometimes you want to roll a string of 1s! two of the burning dwarves died, one lived on.

now that there was no set defense bonus, hitting the Flameguard was much easier, especially with the high MAT of the Forgeguard. they cut down every model in the unit, except for one last grunt. the UA was hit and killed in one swing, even with the shield guard bonus. the last lonely grunt passed a terror check.

the last Flameguard swung, and killed a Forge Guard grunt with a high damage roll

Turn 3

the Forgeguard on fire doesn't manage to put out the fire and dies. His death doesn't change much, as the first Forge Guard ends the match with a single swing.

Victory to the Searforge Commision!

And with that, the Forge Guard prove their worth as the best melee unit in Warmachine. Of course, that doesn't mean much in the realm of actual tabletop games, but it sounds cooler this way. Forge guard are definitely a good unit, with a lot of power packed into a low point cost.

that combination of weapon master and high armor smashed through all challengers on the Warmachine side, but will it be enough to beat out the Gators for the championship title? that match will be coming later this week. stay tuned!

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