Thursday, March 8, 2012

Who Would Win - Hordes Semi-Final

Today we have the first Semi final game of the competition. the winner of this match wins the title of the best melee unit on the hordes side of the game. Through many rounds of combat, two units have made it this far. the Skorne Praetorian Swordsmen and the Gatorman Posse. As much as it pains me to admit, the Gators have a huge advantage in this match. Praetorians are designed to take out swarms of single-wound infantry with their 2 attacks and mini-feat. they don't do so well against 8-wound, arm 18 monsters. with a charge and combo-strikes they might stand a chance, but without the charge there is not much they can do.

First turn roll-off

the Gators have the advantage in this roll, with reach and pathfinder (using one of their prayers for pathfinder). the gators roll a 3. Skorne rolls a 2. Gators get the charge.

Turn 1

the gators move into combat. with reach, each one is able to reach 2 swordsmen, leaving the officer and standard unengaged. with their high MAT, they only need 6s to hit, and pow 13 will kill a swordsman every time they connect with a blow.

the Gators go down the line, rolling very well. the first 4 gators kill off two swordsmen each. finally the last gator misses with one of his attacks. after all is said and done, the swordsmen are left with only one grunt and the UA/banner. they easily pass their cmd check, but it isn't looking good

The swordsmen try to fight back, each choosing to use a combo strike to do as much as possible. the grunt misses his attack. so much for that chance. the officer hits and rolls an 11 on damage! but, with arm 18, that still only does 5 boxes of damage and doesn't remove any gators.

Turn 2

the Gators choose to pray for re-rolls. The swordsmen grunt and Officer each have 2 gators facing them, and the banner has 1. the first gator kills the grunt easily. the second one hits with his first attack but only causes 1 damage. his second attack misses. but his prayer provides a reroll and allows him to hit, and then do 8 damage, removing the officer. the banner goes down to one re-rolled attack.

Victory goes to the Gatormen!

There's a reason so many Skorne players use the Gatorman Posse in their armies. I refuse to because of the way the models look, but you can't deny the hitting power of one of those units! The gators have proven that they are the best melee unit in Hordes. this is quite possible realistic, as many players on the PP forum claim the same thing.

Now the real question remains... are the Gators the best unit in the game, or will they be runner-up to either the Forge guard or temple flameguard?

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