Friday, March 23, 2012

Who Would Win - final round!

Today we are finally at the end of the Who Would Win contest. units from every army in Warmachine and Hordes battled it out in simulated battles to see which unit would be crowned the Best Melee unit in the game. we've narrowed it down to two finalists, one from each system. on the warmachine side, we have the Searforge Commission's Forge Guard. on the Hordes side, it's the Gatorman Posse from the Blindwater Congregation.

Today's match will be a little bit different. to get a more accurate final result for the final round, we'll be doing best 2 out of 3. Wouldn't want the entire game decided by one bad dice roll!

With that in mind, let's kick it off with round 1

First turn roll

the gatorman posse will be using the prayer that grants pathfinder, giving them a +2 advantage on the starting roll. the gators roll a 1. the forge guard miss a chance at taking control here, and roll another 1. the gators get it!

Turn 1

the forge guard are in defensive line, giving them an impressive Arm 18. the gators have pretty high POW hits, though, and a charge. the gators will need 3s to hit, and 6s to kill. the 5 gators with 2 attacks each plow through the forge guard, killing all but one grunt. every charge attack killed a model, and only one regular attack failed to break the forge guard armor.

The last dwarf passes his cmd check, and swings back. He hits easily with his high MAT, but only does 4 damage. not enough to drop a gator.

Turn 2

the first swing kills the Forge Guard, ending the round

Gators 1 - Forge Guard 0

Round 2

First turn roll

this time the gators decide to try using their +1 def and terror ability instead of pathfinder. they will only have +1 to the starting roll this time.

in the end it didn't matter which prayer they used, they lost the roll by 3. Searforge has a chance of tmaking up for lost ground here!

Turn 1

the forge guard need 6s to hit, and then will be at dice - 7 on damage. luckily, they have weapon master and a charge on their side.

the first Forge Guard misses, but the second one swings at the same target and connects. he rolls a huge damage roll and drops the gator in one swing. the third and fourth forge guard both hit, but between them only do 5 damage with some really low rolls. the remaining forge guard only miss once, and easily wipe out 3 gators.

the last remaining gatorman is fearless, so doesn't care about a cmd check. he manages to kill 2 forge guard all by himself.

turn 2

the forge guard circle around the last gator. the first dwarf misses, the second one drops the gator

Gators 1 - Forge Guard 1

Round 3

both units have won a round now, with the charging unit easily cutting through the low def models they charged. this one will likely come down to who wins the first turn roll. the gators play it safe and switch back to pathfinder.

both sides roll a 6, so the gators get it with their +2 advantage

Turn 1

it's a short and bloody round. every attack connects, and every attack drops a forge guard. ten attacks later, and the round is over with not a single forge guard standing. Our first turn 1 blowout!

Gators win!

well, in the end it came down to that first turn roll. both units have a massive damage output, and low defense stats. in the end, the gators were able to pull it out with 2 charge turns. they are now the reigning champions of the "who would win" contest. it almost makes me want to pick up a unit of gators... almost. if only the models didn't look so terrible.

That brings us to the end of this series! now to focus on Adepticon. in the coming weeks I will be posting some lists I am thinking of taking and some more painting updates as I finish the last push to get everything ready for Chicago!

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