Thursday, January 12, 2012

A New Year, a New Blog...

It's been a while since my last post. As in months. I could make some excuses, like being too busy with real life, but no one really cares to hear excuses. I'm pretty sure no one would be reading my excuses anyways. but here I am, drawn back to the keyboard by the lure of the idea that someone out there might eventually read my posts and get something out of it. if nothing else, it gives me something to do while waiting for the database admins at work to get their act together and let us actually do work.

So we've made it to 2012. possibly the end of the world, if you're one of those people. For me it just means that all the annual events I enjoy are coming right back around the bend. Adepticon is in 3 months! wargamescon already has pre-registration! maybe I'll go to some of the other GTs in the area this year. The Broncos are in the playoffs! (yeah, that will probably change this weekend, but a guy can dream. we made it further than the Cowpokes at least).

With the new year, I have a sudden surge of motivation for my hobbies. and for blogging about them. But I've realized something. My pet project is basically finished. My wonderful Harlequin army is built, painted and played. I really don't have plans to expand the army, since my local club doesn't usually do much over 2000 points anyways, and even if they did foot eldar don't like bigger games. my fluff articles are fun to write, and I still have a few major ones left to do. but I'm not as motivated to write them. I know my harlequin fluff well enough, and I don't think anyone else is actually reading this blog to get harlequin fluff knowledge.

So I'm expanding.

Starting now, this will be a more free-form blog. I won't be doing Halrequins exclusively this year, and my posts won't be following a format like last year's posts. I will be blogging about both 40K and Warmachine (and Hordes, but I don't like typing both, and I'm not big on the combo names). In addition to my main blog page, I will be making a page for each of my armies, which will have current army lists, pictures, and whatever other fun stuff I feel like putting in there. that way, if you actually do care about the Harlequin army I built last year, you can find it all in one spot.

Let me introduce my armies!


My "main" army in the 40K world is my beloved Orks. Go ahead and make fun of them and call them under-powered. I'm going to keep on playing them. Orks were my third 40K army, started back in 2005-06. before them I had Eldar (which I won't be playing or blogging about until they get a little better...) and Tau (which I hated and sold to buy Orks).
Even if people say they are underpowered, I find that the Orks are my most successful and most consistent army. I've found a build I like with them, and they continue to stand up to most of the top tier codexes. Grey Knights rape them, but I can handle most other armies on a good day. I have run them in 2 GTs so far, both times at wargamescon here in Austin. the first year they took second overall. in 2011, I lost early to another ork player but still came within a single failed Ld check of winning the consolation bracket against grey knights.
I generally play a combined arm type list, with big beefy blocks of orks mixed in with a few fast units in trukks.

Space Wolves
My Space Wolves are my work in progress. I bought them when they first came out for an escalation league, and didn't really know much about what would make them good. I didn't really have the funds to beef them up as people started to discover the "power builds". I play the wolves like I think they should be played. relying on Grey hunters and some good melee. razorspam is for pups. a real man rams his chainsword into the other guy's gut.
I generally play with a grey hunter core, minimal long fang support, and some terminators. I like the terminators a lot, and they are what got me to play marines after so long playing Xenos. so at the moment I am building a Loganwing list. it's built, but not painted. and it could be a while before I finish painting them up, with all the other stuff waiting for some paint.

The army that got me to start a blog. I have always loved the fluff for harlequins. I saw a few harlequin armies floating around the internet when I first started and thought that would be an awesome "someday" army to play. Codex:Dark Eldar finally gave me the perfect excuse to build my dream army. In practice, it's a foot-based dark eldar army that makes heavy use of web way portals in place of the normal vehicle transports.
This was the most fun I have ever had building an army. almost every model in the army is converted to some degree, and the paint job is garish enough for any harlequin. I even commisioned a display board for them.
The entire army was built and painted in 4 months. I built the first model in early January, and had the whole thing ready for Chicago last year. I went 2-2 in the tournament, which wasn't too bad in my opinion for a first trip to Adepticon. my only two losses came from Austin guys that I traveled up there with.

I currently have one army in Warmachine. I play Skorne. I just love the Persian themes and the utter disregard for their own guys' well-being. it reminds me of my lovely Orks. just keep throwing guys at the enemy, as long as they die nothign else matters. somehow Skorne has a reputation for being slightly behind the warmachine power curve, but I have found them to be very effective. Last year was my first year playing warmachine, and I was able to end the year with a winning record and several local tournament placings.
I run a pretty standard Skorne collection. I have about half of the warlocks for the faction at the moment. Lately I have been playing mostly Naaresh, Morghoul and pMakeda.

More on all of these armies will come soon. Like I said, each will have a page with pictures, lists etc.

as always, suggestions and comments are welcome!

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