Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Where has the month gone?

Somehow, this last month has just gotten away from me. Sometimes real life sucks. For several months, I had a really nice schedule that let me spend the time I wanted to spend on my hobby (or plastic crack addiction...). Recently, I haven't had that time anymore, and I think I'm having withdrawals.

Suddenly, my schedule has filled itself to the brim. the normal gaming nights for our club have filled with other things, leaving only one night a week to maybe play wargames. My lack of playing time has manifested itself on this blog as well. the less time I play 40K, the less time I spend blogging about it.

My life right now...

In addition, other games/armies have been distracting me from my Harlequins. I have been building and painting a 2000 point version of a semi-logan-wing space wolf army (logan +termies + grey hunters + long fangs). I have also been sitting with one foot on the other side of the fence, playing my Skorne. to make matters worse, Privateer Press started their new journeyman league, and I'm a sucker for leagues. so suddenly my wolves found themselves on the bench while I try to wrack up some painting and gaming scores for some pretty PP patches.

'cause elephants and clowns kind of go together right?

So this brings me to the point of this article/external processing moment. I am seriously considering expanding the scope of this blog. Just looking at the name and design of these pages, its pretty obvious that this blog was intended to display my harlequin army to people who might be interested in them. Leading up to Adepticon, I had a ton of excitement for this army, and wanted to go through all the fluff and hobby stuff I had gone through to get this from a vague idea to a cool army on the tabletop. The excitement has died down a little bit in the last few months, mostly due to a lack of play time combined with a lack of feedback.

When I do have a chance to bring out the Harlies, people seem to like them. I have gotten nothing but positive remarks from the guys at the store, and several people have come over to ask questions and take pictures at the 2 GTs that have seen my army. I was extremely happy when the army pulled full hobby marks at this years WGC in the team event. I have enjoyed writing about them, and I would like to continue that. I still have a number of units to do write-ups for, more pics to take, and plenty more battles to get battle reports on. So I will probably continue to blog about this army.

On the other hand, I just haven't been feeling it lately. Maybe its just because I'm new to this whole blogging thing. It feels very one-sided when people don't comment on stuff. I know people are reading (or at least randomly surfing to my pages and then running away when they see the words "counts-as". not sure which is more accurate), but I'm not getting the feedback I was hoping for.

Speaking of feedback. I was considering taking some shots of my army the next time I took it to play at the LGS. I was thinking about doing a bat rep of some kind and then take the good ones and submit them to BOLS for their pic of the day. they always seem to be wanting some more material there. well, it looks like someone beat me to the punch. my own fault for being so slow to do what I plan. with the aforementioned Warmachine league, I haven't played the Harlies since I started thinking about getting some good bat reps.

Then I found this link. So apparently someone thought my army could go on a pic of the day. My initial reaction was "sweet! I got on Bols and I didn't even have to do the footwork!" so I gleefully scrolled down to the comments to see what people thought of my humble creation. out of the small handful of comments, there were two kinds. the ones that wanted to talk about my Slaaneshi objective marker as tentacle rape, and those that just said the painting sucked. yay. so I took a closer look at the picture, and sure enough, whoever took the picture decided to focus on the one squad I spent the least time on (purple aspirant unit - they barely got their highlights on before adepticon. a few late nights there) and my craftworld eldar from 5 years ago. awesome.
yeah, I'm not proud of them either

Even though I know that the bad comments were probably due to a poor selection in the photograph, it kind of makes me not want to post more pictures to BOLS. eh I might still try, but it feels like I would just be setting myself up for disappointment. We'll see.

Sorry, that rant is over. My first taste of Bols-commenter-beatdown. hopefully I didn't take it too bad! In the meantime, I am going to try to decide what to do with my blog. I'm considering opening it up to 40k in general, or even wargaming in general (pulling in some Skorne/warmachine articles). For now, the articles I am planning on sending down the tubes are a finecast review (after I finish painting my first finecast model), another unit review (probably my aspirants), and a general web way tactics 2-part article. at that point I'll probably have decided what direction I'm going to head.

Thank you, internetz. for boosting my self confidence

Until that time, let me know what you think, if you have any opinion at all on the matter. Should I stick to my harlequins until I run out of topics? should I open up to more 40K/warmachine stuff? should I bother posting more pics of my army, or quit while I'm ahead and still somewhat proud of the way my army turned out? is anyone out there reading this in the first place? is there really a dog?

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