Wednesday, November 21, 2012


So recently someone posted a challenge on the Privateer Forums. The challenge was to make a 50 point list that could handle a 150 point list consisting of nothing but Mechanithralls. That's 300 mechanithralls. Obviously this was meant as a thought experiment, but I took it a step further and put it together on Vassal.

I won't give a step by step "battle report", but I did take screenshots of the vassal game as it progressed. I think just the pictures and some captions will be enough to get a feel for how the game went down. 

First the lists:

* Cyclops Raider
* Rhinodon
* Titan Cannoneer
* Razor Worm
2 Bloodrunner Master Tormentors
2 Venator Catapult Crews
min paingivers
max swordsmen + ua
max reivers + ua

Hexeris leads the defenders


300 Mechanithralls
So Many zombies I had to color-code them

A cautious advance to get something in the zone

the zombies break ranks and charge up the field

center of the table

Skorne draws first 'blood', with catapults and obliteration doing some heavy work
Zombie pour into the zone. I feel a feat turn coming!
Feat turn kills a metric ton of zombies, and even clears the zone for a control point
the remaining zombies get some revenge on the swordsmen

the zombies are too clumped up and take heavy losses from AOEs and reiver fire. rhinodon has a great thresher

The rhinodon almost dies, left on 3 boxes. zombies pour in

my respect for reivers takes a huge spike

they just keep coming

Holding strong on the hill

Zombies almost break through the defenders. and score 1 control point

Hexeris stops slinging spells and gets his hands dirty, almost reclaiming the zone

missing a picture here... zombies killed most of the reivers, the Rhinodon and hexeris got their revenge

that last zombie tries to kill my Rhinodon, but thanks to a lot of healing over the course of the game he fails by 3 or 4

Hexeris survives the zombie apocalypse!

 Hopefully this will inspire other people to try out this challenge! I'm sure some lists could do even better than this one did, and I'm curious to see whether some of the other lists mentioned on the forums could handle themselves. butcher + doom reavers? thunderhead + nemo? Gerlak Slaughterborn by himself?


  1. I'm thinking

    Aspis x 12
    Magister x 2
    arcanist x 2
    random 2p solo

    1. I think this would have a similar effect to the way Hexeris cleared the zone on feat turn, but it would be a much smaller bubble. Hexeris has 2 more inches on the kill zone, and was able to clear a chunk during his own activation and then move over to affect another part of the field. Vyros would only get a single 12" radius bubble on feat turn. after that turn, the aspis are onyl killing 2 zombies per jack, and will likely die to only 2 or 3 charge attacks that land.

  2. Butcher 2 would cast berserk on himself and clear all the zombies in 1 turn