Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Retribution Project

 I haven't exactly been updating my blog a whole lot lately. Between a trip to Africa and then moving to a new house as soon as we got back, I haven't had a whole lot of time for hobby stuff. This week I finally got my new painting desk set up and started working on my next project.

I've gotten a handful of games in with my new Retribution army, I think I've had 2 games each with Rahn, Ravyn, Ossyan and Kaelyssa plus a speedmachine tournament with a mean little Ossyan list. Now that this year's leagues are finished I'll be focusing more on my Ret. I'm not completely shelving my Skorne of course, but I want to spend the time to really learn my new faction. We have one more major event this year with Clash for the Cure coming up in 2 weeks, which will probably be my last outing with Skorne for the year.

I recently bought up a bunch of used Ret models, luckily all bare metal or primed. I also picked up the Ret summer deal using some PP store vouchers that nikki and i won at Adepticon. This week i finally got around to priming everything. I now have:


sylys Wyshnalyrr

Shyeel multi-jack
Vyre multi-jack

2 Arcanists
2 Ghost Snipers
2 Magisters

Heavy Rifle Team
max Sentinels + UA
max Halberdiers + UA
2 max MHSF + UA
stormfall archers
2 battle mage units
Aiyanna & Holt

It looks pretty intimidating from a painting perspective. I don't know how long it will take to get all of this stuff tabletop-worthy, even with both Nikki and I painting it all. So far we do have a color scheme figured out, along with test models!

Here's a test model from one of the MHSF units. I don't really like the standard color scheme (not that I ever follow the standard color scheme), mostly because I don't want to paint that much white... We still wanted to have a nice cool scheme, especially since it contrasts nicely with both of our current armies that use very warm colors. I've had a jar of Hawk Turquoise in my bag for quite some time, but haven't gotten a chance to use it much. it's such a jarring color that you really have to go all in with it to make it look good. it's been too bright for most of my stuff, but I feel like the angry elves finally gave me a good use for my paint.

one model down!

We also decided to make all of the metal Gold. it just makes it feel exotic to me to have an elven race using gold, which should be a softer metal, but somehow they have made an alloy that is at least as good as iron/steel if not better. gold swords, halberds and arrows just feel cool to me.

Arc Nodes? this faction has arc nodes!?

I'll have some more updates as stuff gets painted. I'm working on the rest of the MHSF unit, then I'll be trying to finally get something in for Lost Hemisphere's "paint the target" challenge. needs to be a merc/minion, so I'll probably paint Wyshnalyrr next.

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