Thursday, June 7, 2012

Upcoming Projects

It's been a while since I've posted here. I've been busy with too many projects in the hobby and in real life to sit down and blog as much as I like to. I don't have any interesting tactics or list-building stuff this time. I've got some fun things coming up and I wanted to mention them here on my blog.


One of the big things I've been working on is joining the BoLS crew. Starting sometime in the next week or so, I will be writing articles for Bell of Lost Souls. I've got a few articles written up for them, so look for those coming out soon! That's part of why I haven't been writing for my own blog in the last week or two, I've been putting together some articles for BoLS.

There should also be a battle report coming out with my green Skorne taking on a Reznik list. I haven't seen the video yet, but the game was a good attrition battle that got us down to a few pieces each and a real close finish.


Wargamescon is coming up in only 2 weeks! this will be the third year I've gone. the last two times I played 40K, this time I'll be playing entirely Warmachine. Adepticon was very eye-opening in showing me how much more I have to learn about this game. even with the steeper learning curve, I've decided that I get a lot more enjoyment out of competitive warmachine than I ever did with 40K, even though I'm a pretty decent 40K player.

I'll be playing all three days of warmachine. I'll be trying out the Old School Hardcore on Friday, the Steamroller on Saturday, and either Flanks or Masters on Sunday depending on how I did on Saturday.

This time around, I'm bringing as many casters as possible. At Adepticon I got a bit burned out on pMorghoul because I used him in hardcore, masters and team. way too much for one caster. this time I'm bringing all different casters! which of course could be harder to play with, but at least it will be more enjoyable for me.

For the Hardcore I'm going to be rocking eMorghoul. I'm determined to make this guy work somehow. He's fun to play, even if he's not always amazing. I'm 3-0 with him so far, and he's gotten the kill personally in each match. He'll be fun, win or lose.

Saturday I'm looking at running Zaal and Naaresh. Zaal brings out the infantry horde and all the soul collection stuff. I figured to balance him I would stick with a beast caster. Naaresh is a fun caster to play and I haven't gotten him on the table enough lately.

Sunday will be eHexeris and pMorghoul. If I happen to qualify for the masters, I'll bring eMakeda as my 3rd list. either way I'm planning on having fun on Sunday. eHexeris will be bringing something new. The battle engine! Assuming I don't talk myself out of it, I am planning on using the turtle with eHexeris. it might not be the best plan, but it's a sweet model and I want to get it on the table. I'll put some pics of the painted Turtle soon.

New Army?

So far I have only used Skorne. I like Skorne, and I have been having a blast with them. The problem with having so many neat factions in a game like Warmachine is that eventually you get tempted to start a new faction. My wife and I are going to start a new faction that we'll be building and painting together. we went with the faction that I think is the furthest from skorne you can get - Retribution. The PP Summer deal was too good to pass up on. So we just got our first 25 point Retribution army in the mail. it will be a while before it gets on the table. I have a good number of models to build and paint before Wargamescon already. But Ret will be coming soon! keep an eye out for some painting and tactics articles to come out on this blog for Ret!

That's all for today. not the most exciting blog post, I know. I'm hoping to have some more time to blog in the next week or so, and we'll get back to some battle reports or tactics articles. or at least some pictures of what I'm working on for Wargamescon

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