Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Muffinman's Skorne at Adepticon

Another year at Adepticon has come to an end. After a delayed flight, we got back to Austin around 1:00 AM, and I spent most of the day yesterday recouping. I was planning on writing a recap of the event yesterday, but that obviously didn't happen.

This year was an absolute blast. This was my second year at Adepticon, and my first major tournament of any kind with Warmachine. 3 days and 15 games of warmachine later, and I can say it was the best wargaming experience of my limited career. The Warmachine side of Adepticon was so much fun, and has made me decide that (at least for now) I will be sticking to Warmachine for competitive play. It was that good.

This article is just going to be a brief rundown of the event itself. I am hoping to get some brief write-ups for my games, probably posted over a couple of articles for each event. with all the games, I didn't take as many notes as I had planned, so there won't be complete battle reports. I will post some notes from each game, and whatever pictures I managed to take. For now, though, here are my initial thoughts on the weekend

Let me just start by saying the event was run very well. We were lucky enough to have a number of PP staffers come out to run the event. several events ran slow and didn't go a full 6 rounds, but that was our fault, not the organizers. There was always something going, with Iron Arena filling in any gaps in the playtime. One of the cool things about Iron Arena was the point system and cool prizes you could nab. you got tickets for every game you played, which could be spent on interesting items. the main events also gave you a set of tickets to be used. I managed to pick up a Skorne patch for my bag, a sweet measurement widget (melee range, reach range, 3" range for forests, and a 5" stealth range), and some tokens with the PP skull and crossbones. My wife picked up some tokens, a measuring tape, and some PP dice.

And of course, there were the preview models. the Skorne Anamatrix was there, all painted and awesome-looking. I probably still won't grab one, but it did look sweet. there were some cygnar plastic models, cryx plastic jacks, Nemo3, Vlad3, the Iron Lich, and all of the plastic Hordes boxes. And of course the Cryx, Khador, and Cygnar colossals.

But the biggest preview was of course the Mountain King diorama. If you're at all interested in these big guys, I'm sure you've already seen the pics up on multiple forums and blogs. but I took some pictures and I'm posting them here anyways! they look fantastic. Here's hoping for a model even half that cool for Skorne.

The full diorama - two mountain kings raiding a train full of collosals

close-up shot of the mountain king. this guy is huge!

What the WGI see... just to give you a sense of scale. Even that bomber looks dinky

They also had some cool scenario tables set up for people to play on. Caldera and I tried out a table with a moving train that slams models that it contacts. in the end it was a stalemate with a train in the way and no way to kill each other in the time before the Hardcore event started. My shaman did get smacked by the train and flew down the tracks. My wife got in a game on the other scenario table, which was a 300-esque fight with a 25 point force holding a mountain pass against a 50 point force. Krueger almost held out, but didn't have quite enough repulsion to keep the legion out of his mountain pass.

Naaresh leads a raid on a Legion train

Of course we also played in the main events. I did better than I expected. On the other hand I learned a ton, got smacked around a few times, and got motivated to get better for next time. I'll talk about a few of those games in a later article, hopefully this week.

Oh, and one other item I wanted to mention. the prize support was awesome. there were a lot of drawings for people who just finished a tournament, which was great for those of us with no real hope of winning the event. our little cohort (me, my wife, Caldera and his girlfriend) got some nice swag.Caldera's GF won a full line of PP paints (all the colors!), My wife and Caldera both won plastic multi-warjack kits with character upgrades, and my wife and I won some PP gift certificates for the team event. Not too shabby!

So at the beginning of the event, I had a list of goals. some went better than others:
1. take pictures of all of my opponents, possibly with write-ups - I got about half of these, kind of petered out by day 3
2. win one game of hardcore - I actually went 3-2, so that was great
3. win half of my masters games - Again I went 3-2
4. win one team event game - we went 2-2 on this one, barely losing our final game
5. not play against Caldera - *sigh* once again ended up playing each other. this time in the team event, even though they were the only ones we had practiced the team event with.

So overall not too bad on my goals, but it could have gone better. Maybe next time.

Looking forward, I am excited about playing more competetive warmachine. Wargamescon in July and Warmachine Weekend in November look like the next big events we will be going to. I might end up going to Clash for the Cure in Waco again this year as well, but that isn't until October.

Tomorrow I will try to get something up about my Hardcore games. stay tuned! Oh, and if you played me this weekend, drop a comment so I can place faces with online identities :-)

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